Transformative Programs for Mid to Senior level Roles

In this world of uncertainty coupled with technological breakthroughs, it will be our ability to innovate, take larger responsibility, create value, and our ethical judgement that will help us create a better future. StackRoute Transformative Programs helps create seeds of change with the potential to have a transformative impact on each learner.

A Closer Look

The purpose of the Transformative Programs is to create seeds of change with the potential to have a transformative impact on each learner. The Transformative Programs are designed to provide an environment for creative, cross-disciplinary decision making and innovation through inquiry-based learning, analysing cross-sector problems and solutions, and reflecting at every stage of the learning process.

Are designed to be an intense journey of explorationMaking change work both personally and societally
Place emphasis on collaborative and cooperative learningEmpowers the learner to take larger responsibilities
Focus on individual development, collaborative leadershipVenturing into unique learning experiences
Promotes the potential of every learnerTo co-create impactful solutions to complex problems
Encourage new ways of thinkingTo face and solve problems in uncertain times and ambiguous situations
  • Impart
  • Impart Core Module with cases and real-world examples for Knowledge and Comprehension
  • Immerse
  • Immerse with Workshops and Casestudy driven sessions for Application and Analysis
  • Introspect
  • Introspect with integrated assignments and self-reflection for Synthesis and Evaluation

Our digital infrastructure is world-class that enables great learning experiences for both in virtual and F2F environments.

  • Integrated with online webinar platform to conduct virtual sessions anytime, anywhere.
  • Supports “learning on-the-go” with mobile apps for both Android and iOS.
  • Supports lab intensive programs with hands-on coding / coding reviews / and to understand the full development to deployment.
  • Provides git-based authentication. Submit code for review/ evaluation that passes through our state-of-the-art home-grown Automated Code Evaluation tool, Hobbes.
  • Hobbes ensures that the code undergoes lint checks, code smells and functional correctness as assignment is considered complete only when it passes all the test cases.

Our Capability

Architect Stack

​The line between software development and software architecture is a tricky one. “Architecting” is not a simple extension of the development process. Architects understand the business needs and translate them for the development team. Architect programs are custom designed to build the architecture capability of your organization.

Product Management Stack

​Product Management is the journey from the problem space of the users to the solution space of the business. Product management programs are custom designed to develop product thinking capability in your organization.

Cyber Security Stack

Cyber security risks have gained prominence with the advent of new technologies. Cyber security programs are designed to build new capabilities for both operations and offensive security teams in your organization. ​

Data Science and AI Stack

Competitive advantage lies with those who can leverage big data, business analytics and AI to deliver solutions to complex challenges. Data Science and AI programs equips the learners to unlock the potential of data to bring about actionable insights.​

Robotic Process Automation Stack

​StackRoute’s learning interventions in RPA helps organizations streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs. Learn more to find how RPA learning interventions can be customized to bring outcomes that are aligned with the business goals.

Digital Transformation Stack