Talent Pipeline as a Service

In the face of an imminent talent crunch, a robust talent pipeline can give you tremendous competitive advantage. NIIT’s TPaaS solution helps build a pool of ready to deploy talent that you can bank on.

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An Imminent Global Talent Crunch

Korn Ferry’s Future of Work Report 2018 states that by 2030, demand for skilled workers will outstrip supply, resulting in a global talent shortage of more than 85.2 million people. Signs are already emerging that within two years there will not be enough talent to go around. Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the U.S. face the largest threat, with a combined opportunity cost of $1.876 trillion in annual revenues by 2020.

In our discussions with learning leaders, we have found that the biggest challenges are not just finding the right talent but reducing time to competency for new talent so that people are ready to hit the ground running when they join the workforce. Additional challenges include reducing the cost of hiring and countering attrition.

NIIT’s Talent Pipeline as a Service creates reliable talent pipelines that provide the capability to deliver specifically skilled, ready to deploy talent that can productively deliver business outcomes as soon as they join the workforce.

The True Cost of Onboarding

The cost of onboarding can be significantly higher than what L&D and HR departments may usually acknowledge. In fact, training 1000 new hires, especially for pivotal job roles could cost you approximately 40 million dollars a year if you consider all the costs involved. These costs are not just high. They are also fixed costs that you cannot control. Consider the following:



Training Admin

Content Design, Development & Maintenance


Cost of not fully productive new hire for the first 6-8 months

Courseware & incidentals

Employee’s salary while in training


How We Help

A Flexible, Cost-Efficient Model for Building Talent Pipelines

NIIT’s Talent Pipeline as a Service is a flexible, cost-efficient model for building talent pipelines. Our goal is to give you an employee that is productive from the first day on the job. In this model, NIIT is responsible for all the fixed costs of onboarding – content design, development and maintenance, trainers, delivery and program management, training administration and reporting, venue and logistics, stipend, and training. We replace these costs by a fully variable, per-hire service fee. What is more, you can delay starting new hires on your payroll until they have completed their new-hire training at NIIT and are fully job-ready.

Cohorts that complete our new-hire training are significantly more proficient and truly job-ready from Day 1. Our goal is to reduce training significantly by up to 40% while increasing effectiveness. NIIT also guarantees a reduction in your total cost, often by up to 20%.

Solution Highlights

NIIT’s solution comprises of :

• Intense preparation for the role in the first 3-6 months

• Immersive boot camp type environment

• Milestone-based staged curriculum mapped to role milestones with proactive training at each milestone

• Multi-modal content using multiple channels like videos and social media

• Peer buddy and mentorship program

• Opportunities to engage with the leadership

• Frequent performance review & feedback

• Mobile app that enables new hires to track their progress and learning

• Aligned stakeholders – HR, managers and L&D

Business Impact

Pivotal Job Role Onboarding for Clinical Research Leader

NIIT’s immersive, residential onboarding program for one of the world’s leading clinical research companies reduced time to proficiency for a highly skilled, pivotal job role by 24% with a corresponding reduction in costs by 15%.

Reduced Onboarding Time for a Global HR Leader

For a global HR leader, NIIT reduced onboarding training time from 7 weeks to 3 weeks. Training administration effort reduced from 11 FTEs to 1 FTE. This resulted in a total cost reduction of 20% and a decrease of 20% in year one attrition.

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