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Recruitment and Onboarding Process Optimization

Our customer is one the world’s leading providers of benefits administration and cloud based HR and financial solutions. Due to the extensive nature of the portfolio, a large percentage of our customer’s L&D efforts were concentrated on the benefits administration team. The company followed a complex procedure of onboarding new hires for a duration of up to 15 weeks depending on job roles, before they could make these new hires productive at work. This led to significant direct and indirect costs even before the hires were actually productive. Further seasonal peaks and troughs in work volume led to high attrition.

NIIT took on the responsibility of hiring, training and assessing the critical job roles in benefits administration to provide job-ready talent to the customer utilizing a unique program model. This model has helped reduce start-up cost and time to productivity for new hires along with a reduction in overall employee turnover.

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Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, 2017 – Bronze in the Best New Hire Onboarding Program Category




Reduce time to productivity by 50%: With this model, the time to productivity for critical jobs in Benefits Administration has been reduced by nearly 50%.


Cost Savings of over 20%: The customer no longer carries costs for non-productive staff leading to an associated cost saving of over 20%.

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