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Leveraging external expertise can help organize your L&D function for value creation while helping transform the learning offer and improving customer satisfaction levels.

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Transform the Learning Offer

NIIT helps L&D organizations transform their learning offer in three broad areas:

Transform all Legacy and New Curricula into Great Learning

We help assess, streamline and improve legacy curricula. Our curriculum assessment involves a design diagnostic where we apply our “Design Innovation” rubric to determine the overall capability and maturity of the design and rate each curriculum. We then create a roadmap for implementation. Similarly, we charter new curricula so that it is value driven, business aligned, and technology enabled with optimized design.

Maximize Business Outcomes

Our systematic approach to move from “typical” to “peak” performance is to take a top-down approach from business outcomes to curriculum design. We first analyze the business outcomes that business leaders seek and then look at the key business processes and measures that help achieve those outcomes. We then analyze the pivotal roles and tasks that have the most impact on target measures. Next, we apply our Critical Mistake Analysis methodology to look at the specific gaps that separate peak from typical performance and design the learning solution to eliminate those critical mistakes most effectively and efficiently.

Reduce the Amount of Time Learners Spend in Training

It is a common misconception that the greater the time employees spend in training, the better the results. However, in our experience, we have found that the opposite is true. Our goal is to eliminate redundancies in training and to get better results in less time. We do this even in systems that have high regulatory requirements (like financial services) and across delivery modalities. Typically, we achieve 25-50% time reduction in training.

Understand how we helped a leading insurance company get better results in less time.

Organize for Value Creation

To organize for value creation, it is useful to explore alternate models for service delivery with four main goals in mind, whether it is a comprehensive or selective engagement. We work with our customers to come up with the best possible structure for achieving these goals around training demand and supply.

Ensure alignment and results in business management

Accelerate improvement in learning strategy

Maximize ROI and impact through business engagement

Maximize effectiveness and efficiency in learning solutions and operations

Leverage External Expertise

Once our customers have defined a business case for outsourcing, we then help them define a roadmap for transformation through outsourcing. We do this by helping them:

Determine what they must keep in-house and explore outsourcing the rest

Move to variable costs as much as possible

Create flexibility to serve the business

Eliminate constraints like capacity, scalability, budgets, etc.

Provide Highest Levels of Customer Satisfaction

In a world where learning is susceptible to the next big fad, there are many ideas that are still too vague and do not necessarily target what really matters. We bring an approach that is grounded in needs and systematic in execution. We believe that there are many ways to do more for less each year, and bring innovation to every area that we work in. Whether it is instructional methods, convenient delivery, process efficiency or new modalities, our goal is to delivery tangible results through innovative application.

NIIT’s goal is to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction with our “Managed Service Approach” and Institutionalized Service Excellence. We believe that through clearly defined processes and SLAs, and through measurement, continuous improvement and accountability, we can truly help our customers run training like a business.

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NIIT is a market-leading, pure-play Managed Training Services company with over 41 years of experience in learning outsourcing. With a global footprint that spans over 40 countries, we help the world’s leading companies dramatically improve L&D effectiveness and efficiency.