Full Stack Developers:

The New Normal

Digital technologies and business models are disrupting
traditional businesses across the globe.

With the current churn in the IT landscape, multi-skilled or Full-Stack Developers (FSD) are the new normal.
Companies are increasingly looking for entry level new hires with project-ready digital skills who can be job ready and productive. At the same time, the existing IT workforce needs significant reskilling to successfully execute digital projects in the current technology landscape.

NIIT’s StackRoute product offering covers theentire gamut of an IT organization’s digital transformation skill needs by:

  • Delivering industry-ready entry level Full Stack product engineers who are productive from Day One.

  • Re-skilling the IT workforce on full stack and digital technologies for digital engagements

Is your IT workforce ahead of the game?

In today’s world of continuously evolving disruptive technologies, your IT workforce needs to be one step ahead of the game. Some of the challenges we see in the market are:

There is a lack of day one job ready graduates with project-ready digital skills

Employers from the IT industry still need to invest between 6-9 months of on-the-job training before an entry-level new hire is productive.

There is a critical need for entry-level new hires with project-ready digital skills.

Customer expectations and requirements are changing

The expectation is changing to “Ownership of Value”, “Outcome based models”, and a “Product-centric mindset”.

Simultaneously, requirements definition and articulation is making a shift from “customer” to “IT service provider”.

The existing IT workforce need significant reskilling

Existing IT professionals need significant reskilling to successfully execute any digital projects today.

They must have exposure to building responsive web pages, building independent and rich front-end client applications, developing micro-services, working with multiple databases, using appropriate test automation.

How Does StackRoute Help?

StackRoute programs permit learners to take on more challenging learning goals that truly reflect the demands of live projects – thereby saving the total time and cost incurred by their organizations in getting them to be fully project-ready and productive on Day One.

As consumers change digital behaviors faster than companies can adapt, our clients look to Wipro to provide agility, speed and scale to their digital transformation efforts. For us, building the right mix of people with the right skills is critical. In particular, we look for Pi-Shaped people who can work on multiple platforms, interface with design colleagues and drive digital innovation. NIIT has been a key partner for us as our business grows and the digital transformation needs of our customers evolve.

Global Head and Senior Vice President,Wipro Digital
1 An NIIT incubated venture established in 2015 to enable enterprise-wide digital transformation.
2 A series of practitioner-led programming, quality-engineering, data-science and digital architecture boot camps.
3 Immersive outcome-oriented experiences backed by mastery learning and individual tutoring that deliver business relevant outcomes.
4 StackRoute graduates stand-out in terms of their confidence, problem-solving ability and in-depth knowledge and understanding of technology.

StackRoute graduates are industry-ready, multi-skilled full stack developers and can add significant value to any organization. They improve the eciency and effectiveness of teams and organizations. StackRoute multi-skilled or Full Stack Developers (FSD) have the following skills:

Capability to build, test and release non-trivial web application

Equipped with design thinking, problem solving, programming and DevOps skills

Experienced working in small agile teams such as product engineering

Ability to build end-to-end web applications by combining programming languages and technology tools

Day 1 project ready and productive Full Stack Developers

We offer a product engineering based immersive program on different full stack technologies divided into the following two parts:

In the first part of the program, participants work individually to learn programming languages and the basic elements of a full stack program

In the second part of the program, participants are grouped into teams of six to eight people to develop, test, and deploy a version of a technology product

What makes us different from boot camps:


Building and releasing a real product with tough deadlines and engineering practices transforms hesitant developers to confident developers who are ready for challenges.


Led by practitioners, participants learn to be full-stackers by apprenticeship. Mentors review every line of code and provide a powerful learning experience that stays with participants for a long time.


We engage with new and unsolved problems unlike other training programs where canned and pre-solved exercises are recycled. From building app-fabrics, micro-services, real-time stream handling to a graph-based system, we take tech to a different level.


The program design mandates conceptual topics that learners can study on their own through a set of videos. These are supplemented by in-classroom discussions and design jams. Learners spend 70% of their time on actual development related activities. The StackRoute® development environment mandates the use of TDD and continuous integration.

Non-trivial work done by our graduates


A self-healing, dynamic scaling AppFabric for micro-services


Distributed anomaly detection on streamed time-series data


Semantic Search technology that identifies intent in documents. Use it for instance to “get an introductory code example of Oauth with AngularJS”


Ontology based matching of capabilities in resumes with intent in job description


Real-time collaborative messaging between people and Bots


Bots that use ontologies and NLP to answer programming related questions


Real-time Jeopardy style multiplayer quizzing


Semantically accurate multiple-choice question generation using Wiki data



Over 950 have graduated as full stack developers and are delivering significant value



Over 2000 developers have undergone an comprehensive multi-stage assessment to assess their knowledge and skill on each aspect of full stack technology



Over 1800 experienced professionals are undergoing FSD and QA2QE programs. Around 250 employees have graduated and are in digital projects / engagements



Over 90+ employees have graduated and have transitioned roles to architect/engineering manager roles


For one of the top tier large IT organizations in India, we created over 800 full stack product engineers for digital engagements through StackRoute Immersive programs.


At least 50% improvement in productivity


Almost all participants are deployed in projects and most work in client facing roles


Over 40 resources are working closely with client teams at their locations with increased revenue


Reduced the “Time-to-billability” by 30% or more


Reduced the bench time by 1-2 months per resource. This increases billing opportunities for IT firms which they would otherwise lose
due to bench time


Estimated 20% reduction in training cost


For another top tier large IT organization in India, StackRoute combined its FSD assessment methodology and FSD programs to design an accelerated path to FSD transformation for their experienced developers.

Unique multi-stage-based assessment model that helps define the Full Stack Development roadmap for each learner

Attend FSD programs to fill in the gaps per assessment

Over 250 have graduated and are productive in their new roles in digital projects

Transformation with minimal or no billing loss to IT firms

StackRoute is an NIIT incubated venture. Established in 1981, NIIT is among the top 3 global learning outsourcing companies with a presence in over 40 countries. Our global network of over 2500 instructors deliver more than 150,000 training days annually in over 15 languages around the world. The 130+ industry awards we have earned exemplify our commitment to excellence in learning and reect the quality of work we deliver to our customers.

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